House Cleaning Service Staten Island & NYC

                                    Affordable House Cleaning Service in Staten Island and NYC

Good Impressions Cleaning provides affordable house cleaning service in Staten Island and other boroughs of New York City. In addition to providing typical house cleaning services, we also provide many more free services. We provide numerous extra tasks, such as dishwashing, room organization, packing and unpacking, and window cleaning, for free. Because we are aware that every home is unique, we are receptive to unique demands from our clients and are able to readily adapt to their needs.


Our low-cost house cleaning service in Staten Island and other NYC boroughs goes the extra mile to clean behind and under your furniture as well as the normal surfaces. As part of our service, we clean the tracks, sills, and safety bars around windows. It's time to work on the doors and railings. The window screens will be taken off and cleaned very well. Style up the way you take care of your windows with window treatments! When you come to Good Impressions, we can clean your blinds and drapes for you. It's important to keep in mind, though, that if you choose this service, the cleaning process may take a little longer overall. We'll clean the walls, baseboards, and molding very well to get rid of any dirt, grime, food leftovers, or stains.
There was a deep clean of the floors, with sweeping, mopping, and vacuuming all done. Please let us know when you book your session if you need waxing and carpet shampooing done at the same time. The products we use have been carefully chosen and are designed to protect your floors and give them a clean look. Vent grilles, light fixtures, door knobs, door jambs, ledges, and sills can all be cleaned thoroughly by us. We are going to get rid of all the dust.


We'll ensure that every surface is thoroughly dusted and that each mirror receives a meticulous cleaning. We will thoroughly clean your floor, including the often overlooked area beneath your bed. Our services include vacuuming, mopping, and sweeping to ensure a spotless result. We'll tidy up the bed and neatly arrange the items in the closets. Each bed sheet set will be carefully removed, cleaned if necessary, and then re-installed. Regular dusting is essential to keep your dressers, nightstands, and lamp shades looking their best. Every inch of the baseboards was meticulously cleaned, leaving them spotless. The woodwork, door frames, and switch plates were given special attention to ensure that every fingerprint was completely erased. Every single area rug is carefully taken out and thoroughly cleaned, while all hard floors receive a meticulous mopping. We'll make sure to thoroughly vacuum the entire carpet or area rug.


We provide thorough cleaning and disinfection services for a variety of areas, including showers, bathtubs, sinks, vanities, and cabinet interiors. All mirrors and glass components were meticulously polished. We give special care to the areas around and behind the toilets. Ensure that the walls and floors are tiled, and that the chrome fittings are gleaming.


As part of our thorough cleaning service, we ensure that not only the refrigerator but also other kitchen appliances like the range hood and microwave are meticulously cleaned. Once all items have been carefully removed from the refrigerator, each part of the appliance is thoroughly cleaned before everything is returned to its original position. Tackling the Cooktop and Oven Cleaning Prior to moving on to the oven, we ensure that the stove top is impeccably spotless by utilizing cleaning products that are completely safe for human consumption. Following that, we meticulously clean the interior of the oven, removing all traces of grease and grime to restore its pristine appearance. Not only will we wash the dishes, but we'll also give the sink a thorough scrubbing. It is important to clean and store the cookware after each use. Ensure that the trash is properly disposed of and meticulously clean the surfaces of the tables and chairs. Your kitchen will receive meticulous attention and care, ensuring that it is cleaned to the highest standards.