Commercial Office Cleaning Rates

Affordable Commercial Office Cleaning Rates

Good Impressions Cleaning Inc. has the most competitive rates in Manhattan! Affordable commercial cleaning rates in new york city. We combine hourly and square footage estimation to give you the best deal for your needs. We never rush through jobs!! Our hourly rate is $25 with a minimum of 3 hours. We give a discounted rate for our regular customers. In other words, you will pay less if you hire us to clean your office once or twice a week than hiring us for one time cleaning. SQUARE FOOT ESTIMATING CHART

  • 0 - 3000 $100
  • 3000 - 4000 $100 - $125
  • 4500 - 5000 $125 - $150
  • 5000 - 5500 $150 - $175
  • 5500 - 6000 $175 - $195
  • 6000 - 6500 $195 - $220
  • 6500 - 7000 $220 - $245
  • 7000 - 7500 $245 - $270
  • 7500 - 8000 $270 - $295
  • 8000 - 8500 $295 - $320
  • 8500 - 9000 $320 - $345
  • 9000 - 9500 $345 - $370
  • 9500 - 10,000 $370 - $395
  • 10,000 + Call for an estimate

Located in the thriving metropolis of New York City, Good Impressions Cleaning is your go-to partner for dependable and reasonably priced commercial cleaning services. We at Good Impressions Cleaning recognize how crucial it is to keep your office spotless and welcoming. Our team of devoted experts is committed to providing excellent business cleaning services that surpass your expectations.

Our commercial office prices are made to meet the specific requirements of companies in a range of industries located in the energetic metropolis of New York. To make sure that companies of all sizes may utilize our services, we provide fair and open pricing. Whether you oversee a huge corporate office or manage a tiny startup, our flexible pricing plans can be adjusted to meet your unique needs.

We at Good Impressions Cleaning are proud of the caliber of the work we do. Our seasoned and qualified cleaning specialists guarantee a pristine and healthful work atmosphere by utilizing industry-leading methods and eco-friendly supplies. Our commitment is to deliver comprehensive and effective cleaning services that will leave your office spotless and prepared for a successful workday.

Selecting Good Impressions Cleaning entails selecting dependability, expertise, and cost-effectiveness. By continuously providing outstanding cleaning services, we hope to establish enduring connections with our clients. Discover the difference at Good Impressions Cleaning, where cost-effectiveness and cleanliness collide in the center of New York City. Get in touch with us right now for a customized quote and allow us to improve the level of cleanliness in your business. Affordable house cleaning services are offered by Good Impressions Cleaning in Staten Island and other New York City boroughs. We offer many more complimentary services in addition to standard house cleaning services. We offer a plethora of additional services, like free window cleaning, packing and unpacking, room organization, and dishwashing. We are sensitive to the particular needs of each of our clients and can quickly adjust to their expectations as we understand that every home is different.

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