At Good Impressions Cleaning Inc., we strive to avoid rush through jobs. We take time to check every corner and every hidden space.We guarantee our services and that is one of the reasons why our staff always do a thorough clean

  • Studio
    Studio $100

    4 hours

  • 1 Bedroom
    1 Bedroom $125

    5 hours

  • 2 Bedroom
    2 Bedroom $150

    6 hours

  • Studio
    Studio $100

    4 hours

  • 3 Bedrooms
    3 Bedrooms $175

    7 hours

  • 4 Bedrooms
    4 Bedrooms $200

    8 hours

  • These estimates are made on the basis of one cleaner per job.Our minimum is 3 hours for $80 for one cleaner. Our hourly rate is $25/hour; 4 hours and up is $50/hour for two cleaners.Please note that your cleaning may take more or less time than estimated depending on the workload or home size. Every home or apartment is unique so call us today for your free estimate.