Cleaning Service Pricing Guide 


Did you know that people spend up to a whole day’s worth of time during a month just cleaning? You could be spending this precious time on something more productive and enjoyable by hiring a cleaning service to do all the cleaning for you. This way, you will have more time to spend with your family or to partake in your hobbies with your house being professionally cleaned. 

But you may wonder how much you would have to spend on a cleaning service. To answer this question, here is our guide to house cleaning prices.

What Factors Determine the Cleaning Price for a House



House cleaning prices vary widely depending on the area you are in. The taxes, travel costs, and material acquisition costs that the cleaning service has to bear affect how expensive or cheap house cleaning services are in your area. Cleaning services generally tend to be more expensive in more posh areas.


The size of the house or commercial building that needs to be cleaned also determines how much the cleaning service will charge you. Additionally, the number of rooms, bathrooms, and kitchens in the house also affects the prices. A smaller house with fewer rooms will cost less to have cleaned professionally than a large villa with more rooms. 


Another thing that affects the cleaning pricing for your home is its condition. If there is an average level of cleaning to do, then the cleaning service will charge you much less. However, if there has been a party recently or the house requires extensive cleaning, then you will have to pay more. 

Cleaning Service Type

Most cleaning services offer multiple cleaning service types for their customers to choose from. Each type of cleaning service has a different price tag. Standard house cleaning is generally the cheapest in which the cleaning service cleans your house like normal. If you want to have a deep cleaning done, then that would cost more than standard cleaning. 

house cleaning service pricing guide


Good Impressions Commercial Cleaning

After-event cleaning, move-out cleaning, and post-construction cleaning service types tend to be the most expensive due to the extensive time and effort required. However, for most normal houses, the standard cleaning service is sufficient to keep the home clean. 

Add-on Services

Some cleaning services also offer extra add-on services that you can opt for if you want. These add-on services can include carpet cleaning, appliance cleaning, dishwashing, window cleaning, linen services, and outdoor cleaning. The more add-on services you opt for, the more your cleaning service will charge you.  

How Much Does House Cleaning Service Cost?

As mentioned before, house cleaning pricing varies widely depending on factors such as the house’s location, size, and condition.

Final Thoughts

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