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  • If you or anyone in your family identifies
    with any of the following allergy related
    maladies such as Asthma, Eczema, Hay
    Fever, Bronchitis, Inflammation of the
    Mucous Membranes, Itchy Red Eyes,
    Headaches, Sinus Pain, Fatigue, early morning fits
    of excessive sneezing, even a feeling of depression when you wake up, you may well be sleeping with the enemy.

    Who is this enemy? He's called a dust mite
    and we'll spare you trying to remember or
    even pronounce the scientific name. Dust
    mites live in household articles, such as
    furniture and carpets. Millions may inhabit
    one home, but they are invisible to the
    human eye. The dust mite feeds on shed
    dead skin cells. The feces and dead bodies of mites are
    allergens to susceptible people, causing asthma, rhinitis or dermatitis.
  • Those ominous things in the picture above are the real trouble makers. These little creatures, not visible to the naked eye, and in fact, they're so small that as many as 1000 of them could be placed on the head of a pin. And guess where their favorite breeding spot is? Yes, that's right. . . the mattress. Their ideal home!

    Why the mattress? Because it's warm, often moist, cozy, easy to burrow into and full of their favorite flakes, the skin flakes every human being sheds every day and night of his or her life, no matter what their age, sex or state of health. And you can't vacuum them away.

    They're a resilient bunch and it takes Hygienitech®'s all-natural, chemical-free scientifically proven mattress cleaning and sanitizing process to remove and destroy them.

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