A Cleaning Company That Leaves Good Impressions in New York City

Ahmed Adeoshun is the owner of Good Impressions Cleaning, LLC, an office, home, and general cleaning service in New York City. In the following articles, Adeoshun tells us all about cleaning, from mattresses and carpets to whole offices and homes.

What Training Do Cleaning Company Employees Get?

Cleaning companies have to constantly keep up with all of the latest developments. See how one company stays up to date.

Are Office Cleanings Convenient?

Learn how convenient it can really be to get your office cleaned.

Benefits of Cleaning Mattresses

Don't wait till the last minute to clean your mattress--especially if allergies are an issue for you.

Cleaning the Worst Carpet Stains

You can't even imagine how bad carpet stains can get!

The Dangers of Buying a Used Mattress

Follow a mattress through the years as it goes from owner to owner--and picks up a few pests along the way!


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